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The General Company for Engineering Studies and Consulting is participating with the second fair for Syrian Reconstruction by headline “ We are continuing the reconstruction” from 18 till 20 May/2015 GCEC The Minister of Public Work Dr. Eng. Husin Arnous is visiting the stand of the General Company foe Engineering Studies and Consulting at the second fair of Syrian Reconsruction GCEC The Minister of Water Resources Dr. Eng. Kamal Al Sheikha is visiting the stand of GCEC at the second fair for Syrian Reconstruction GCEC Deputing Minister of General Working Mr. Muhamad Saif AL Deen is visiting the Stand of GCEC at the second fair for Syrian Reconstruction GCEC Constructing Development is visiting the stand of GCEC at the second fair for Syrian Reconstruction Mr. Mazen Al Laham Deputy Minister of GCEC Among the activities of Syrian Reconstruction Fair The Deputy of the General Director Of GCEC is receipt a lecture its Headline “GCEC Experiment in discovering the damaged Buildings” in Wednesday 20May GCEC Among the activities of the Fair of Syrian Reconstruction the Director of Civil Engineering Directorate Eng. Basam Abou AL Neag is receipt a lecture its headline” Principles and conceptual meaning for the earth quick designof buildings” GCEC Under the title "The role of scientific and research institutions in reconstruction," the General Company for Engineering Studies and Consultation involved in the technical conference hosted by the Higher Commission for Scientific Research under the auspices of the Prime Minister in Damascus University GCEC The Board of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Damascus has a meeting with the General Company for Engineering studies and consultancy in the presence of Director-General Dr. Eng. Ashraf Al hbus and engineer Majed Mustafa Assistant Director-General and number of managers in the company GCEC A workshop on supervising the implementation of projects guide book under the auspices of Director-General Dr. Eng. Ashraf Al hbus and Deputy Director General Eng. Majed Mustafa GCEC Damascus University signed a memorandum of understanding with the General Company for Engineering Studies and Consultancy
Mechanisms and General Services Directorate


This Directorate is responsible for the followings:


1- Proposing an investment plan for the entire machine in the company as well as preparing and periodical maintenance.


2- Proposing the annual plan from machines and setting up the periodical plan for supervising the company’s machine, aiming

     to maintain proper investment and supervising the periodical maintenance.


3- Setting –up the proper plan for distributing and moving the machine in the company according to the authorized

     plan and the administration instruction.


4- Receiving and preparing the machines by registering them by specialized authority and made the insurance, preparing

    the receipt report and delivery, then consuming and coordinating them properly.


5- Participating with the investigation committee for Cars accidents to specify the responsibility for rate fining.


6- Had to specify the moderate consuming need for cars from gas, oil, main spare-parts and tire according

     to the specified rules and doing the technical supervision through execution.


7- Do all the procedures for cars insurance against all damages including the driver’s and passenger insurance

     at the Syrian Organization for insurance and by sending notifications for all accidents and specifying the primer

     responsibility for driver or others people and the amount of the damage.


8- Work with the General Organization for Insurance to pay the amount of the cars damaged by accidents according to the insurance

    documents and informing the directorate of administrative and legal affair by accidents, which had to have law sue for them or

    lawsuits that are held on the drivers, or the company in light of the information transmitted to this Directorate.


9- Organizing file for each incident involving the police report and set all the documents and books related to it, and the

     relevant machinewith the final result, which put an end to the lawsuit filed in this regard, if any, in addition to

     committees and resolutions and accountability of fines issued thereon.


10- perform the necessary services relating to all hardware, machinery, computers , generating sets and related activities

      centers conversion devices, elevators , central heating and air conditioning located at the company and do all the necessary

      maintenance and repair operations and ensure worker safety and security.


11- Insurance Services and maintenance facilities, the rent houses for the company and organize maintenance contracts

      Necessary coordination with the Administrative Directorate.


12- This is the directorate responsible for all things mechanical, electrical and water sources and secured these sources.