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The General Company for Engineering Studies and Consulting is participating with the second fair for Syrian Reconstruction by headline “ We are continuing the reconstruction” from 18 till 20 May/2015 GCEC The Minister of Public Work Dr. Eng. Husin Arnous is visiting the stand of the General Company foe Engineering Studies and Consulting at the second fair of Syrian Reconsruction GCEC The Minister of Water Resources Dr. Eng. Kamal Al Sheikha is visiting the stand of GCEC at the second fair for Syrian Reconstruction GCEC Deputing Minister of General Working Mr. Muhamad Saif AL Deen is visiting the Stand of GCEC at the second fair for Syrian Reconstruction GCEC Constructing Development is visiting the stand of GCEC at the second fair for Syrian Reconstruction Mr. Mazen Al Laham Deputy Minister of GCEC Among the activities of Syrian Reconstruction Fair The Deputy of the General Director Of GCEC is receipt a lecture its Headline “GCEC Experiment in discovering the damaged Buildings” in Wednesday 20May GCEC Among the activities of the Fair of Syrian Reconstruction the Director of Civil Engineering Directorate Eng. Basam Abou AL Neag is receipt a lecture its headline” Principles and conceptual meaning for the earth quick designof buildings” GCEC Under the title "The role of scientific and research institutions in reconstruction," the General Company for Engineering Studies and Consultation involved in the technical conference hosted by the Higher Commission for Scientific Research under the auspices of the Prime Minister in Damascus University GCEC The Board of the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Damascus has a meeting with the General Company for Engineering studies and consultancy in the presence of Director-General Dr. Eng. Ashraf Al hbus and engineer Majed Mustafa Assistant Director-General and number of managers in the company GCEC A workshop on supervising the implementation of projects guide book under the auspices of Director-General Dr. Eng. Ashraf Al hbus and Deputy Director General Eng. Majed Mustafa GCEC Damascus University signed a memorandum of understanding with the General Company for Engineering Studies and Consultancy
City Planning and Suburb Directorate


City Planning and Suburb Directorate:


The Directorate of City Planning and suburbs in the General Company for Engineering Studies and consulting as one of the most important directorate and dealing with organizing territories, cities and suburbs& housing, recently an new specialty has been added  to it to deal with the regional planning because of its national importance in determining the strategies and visions of development and the development of different regions.

The City Planning Department has previously following the completion of projects:

1- Regional Studies of the Wadi Barada , Sidnaya,

    Maloula ,Al Tell –Damascus suburb. 

2- Study the general organization Plan for Damascus and Lattakia cities.

3- Preparation of detailed planning studies for regulatory areas of urban development and mass irregularities and urbanization adopted in the city of




The most important projects that has been studied in the Directorate:

1- Dimas suburb containing 21,000 housing unit.

2- Al Fayhaa suburb the number of apartments in which are containing 11046 residential units and 371 PBX with a population of  55230 people

3- Youth housing (70 Hectares) Includes residential units ranging in number between 3000-3500 and residential units and heavily

    intermediate range between 250- 300 people per hectare.

4- Labour housing project in the city of Quneitra

5- Studying the organizational charts of the towns and villages such as projects of the Qunitra.

6- Projects organization villages AlAbadeh / Madiara / Mesraba.

7- Auditing Projects:

    Diplomatic Quarter- East park.

    Contract for auditing organizational and detailed studies to rebuild the village in the province of Quneitra Sahita .


The Directorate has previously studied a number of vital projects which have been implemented on the ground like a suburb Qudsayya - the industrial city of Adra - labor housing in Adra- Road linking Dummar suburb with Qudsayya housing across the Areen area- Youth Buildings in Qudsayya regulatory and detailed study of the island (27) - the organizing the southern entrance to the city of Damascus -Organizing Maloula , Zabadani cities etc…..


The Directorate is also currently signing books of conditions and new contracts for several projects with several official bodies as public housing Organization and the province of Damascus. Among these projects are:

1-Preparation of detailed studies of areas of irregularities in Rural Damascus.

2-Alternative housing (70 hectares).

3-Project crumb Sheikh Juma in Raqa province.

4-Village Salim project in Al Swida.

5-Project of the Southe Alatm.

6-Study expansion Adra unions Housing




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